Santa’s Little Helpers….

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas.  We thought this was a perfect time to get back to blogging- we have been VERY busy- traveling, working and staying in the game.  We know that this weekend and the upcoming weeks are HUGE for parties and other events for the season, and so you don’t become HUGE along with it, we wanted to offer some party tips, and some suggestions to bring along to the party!

We wanted to give you some extra suggestions- last year’s holiday tips will serve you well, but this time we will add in a couple recipes to strengthen the tools we know you already have.  How many of you have said “I am starting after New Year’s”?  Ok, stop right there, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  So.Not.Worth.It.  Get into the habit of health now and you will be well on your way once you hit the New Year’s party circuit.  How much better will you feel ringing in 2011 healthier- not bloated from the holidays and weeks of making bad food choices!  Our favorite tip is to bring something to a party.  We have been asked to bring Ed’s Healthy Pimento Cheese Dip to a party this weekend, which we will- it’s tasty, creamy, and not too bad for you!  Here are two other recipes we love to bring around for sharing!

Heba & Ed’s newschetta

½ baguette, sliced thin, toasted

¼ cup feta cheese

2 tomatoes, diced

10 leaves of basil chopped

2 tbsp evoo

salt and pepper to taste

In mixing bowl, combine tomatoes, basil, evoo and salt and pepper.  Mix well and reserve.

Top each slice of bread with feta, then top with tomato mixture and serve immediately.

And this recipe when made in minis are GREAT for a party:


8 oz picked blue crabmeat; backfin, claw, lump, your preference

1/2 tsp dried parsley

1/2 tsp dried dill

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp Worcestershire

2 dashes Tobasco

1 egg beaten

1 egg white

5 tbsp parmesan ground or grated

2 tbsp light mayo

Cooking spray

1 4 oz jar pimentos, no juice

Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl gently and thoroughly.

Heat non-stick skillet on medium-high heat.  Spray generous amount of cooking spray in pan.  Place heaping tablespoons of crab mix in hot skillet.  Depending on size of your pan, you should be able to fit 4 to 6 cakes in there at a time.  Cook on each side until golden brown.  Remove from skillet and place on paper towels or paper plate to drain.  Serve immediately.

We promise if you bring these around your friends, you will be the hit of the culinary circuit this holiday season- and not one person will be mad at you for assisting to expand their waistline!  Make sure you get in a nice run on Christmas morning with the family, and make healthy choices- it’s all about the company, not about the food!

We wish you and your families a wonderful, and happy holiday season!!

Ed & Heba

Fitness Ridge: A day in the Life!!

Top of the Overlook Trail~

Many of you have asked about what a typical day is like at the Biggest Loser’s Fitness Ridge Resort, so I have decided to dedicate this blog just to the daily schedule.  They keep the guests very busy while they are here which is nice, and there’s plenty of time for spa treatments and relaxing….in the evenings of course!

Here’s what a typical day looks like:

6:30 AM Leave for Hike

-       Usually we hike about two hours, on all kinds of terrain.  Each person is put into a group surrounded by people on the same hiking level, which makes for fun, challenging and overall enjoyable hiking for everyone in the group.

9:30 AM Breakfast

10:15 AM First Class or Lecture

-This could be a nutritional lecture, a cooking demo, or and emotional strengthening lecture.  All of the lectures are super informative, and challenging!

11:15 AM Second Class (Usually Stretch or a Weights class)

-Fitness Ridge has a long list of great classes, combining cardio, interval training, weights, etc.

12:15 PM Lunch

1:45 PM Open Gym

-This is a chance to fit in some extra Cardio or weights without instruction which is nice to do a little extra working out, running, or riding a bike outside

2:30, 3:30, 4:30 PM

-Three classes back-to-back.  Usually one will take place in the pool, one in the gym, and one in the studio.  My favorites have been Mountain, Core Training, and Interval training.

5:30 PM Dinner

6:15 PM Lecture or Demo

So, as you can see they keep the schedule pretty packed!  I have found that it’s perfect to have all of our activities packed in.  A lot of people have asked how it compares to the Ranch, and the biggest difference is we don’t take any naps here at Fitness Ridge- and everyone manages to do great!!!

Next Blog: A day in the life of the Menu J

Dream Big & Keep Moving!!



Bald Head Island: July 4th


July 4th On Bald Head Island!

This July 4th, we were invited to take part in the festivities on Bald Head Island.  We were so excited to learn about a place we had only heard about.  The stories did not do the beauty of the Island justice.

We arrived by ferry on the morning of July the 4th.  Hopping off the ferry we were greeted by vacationers and locals alike all decked out in their most festive and patriotic gear, but that didn’t hold a candle to what awaited us near the main pavilion.

We would venture a guess that almost every person on the island had decked out his or her golf carts from Pirate Ships, to Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and we even saw a few “Jersey Shore” themed carts.  You wouldn’t have even know that there were golf carts underneath most of the decorations, except for the driver stashed somewhere behind the streamers.  It was such a fun sight to see family after family taking part in the costumes and the decorating.

Being Biggest Losers, we were asked to ride in the front of the parade, and we do mean ride.  We rode on decorated beach cruiser bikes, fit for the finest of parade goers!  We lead in front of the Bald Head Island Wellness ( which was appropriately handing out apples.  They have an amazing wellness retreat program right ON the Island, to meet all of your health needs, you should check them out- great way to recharge your batteries and start your own healthy journey!

We finished up the scenic tour around the island just in time to take part in the lunch and for Ed to make his Red, White & Blue Smoothies for the kids- simply delish, and a big hit with the parents too!  With the morning behind us, we figured what better way to treat ourselves on a holiday than to relax a bit, which was perfect since the Island Retreat Salon and Spa was ready and waiting for us for a healthy indulgence. ( )

We got to the spa and were greeted by friendly faces and a super relaxing atmosphere.  On such a secluded paradise island, you would never expect there to be such a state of the art spa tucked away.  I instantly bonded with Ann, who would be doing my manicure and pedicure and was in heaven!  Ed & I both enjoyed our special ginger ale and herbal tea beverages and our treatments were top notch.  The combined relaxing atmosphere with the personable staff made for the most perfect afternoon.  Who needs extra calories when you have the Island Retreat Spa and Bald Head Island for your healthy indulgence?  They offer full services and next time, I am definitely signing up for a sea salt scrub & wrap.

After we blissfully wandered out of the spa, it was time to catch the ferry back to the mainland, and the land of reality.  We can’t wait to go back to Bald Head Island for a full vacation- islander style.  If you are looking for a perfect, environmentally sound, beautiful on the eyes and relaxing getaway, this is your place, check them out for full details at:





Doing God’s Work: Louie’s Kids

Doing God’s Work.

Last week we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina.  We arrived there for the 33rd Annual Cooper River Bridge Run ( and were greeted once again with some good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality.  I arrived early in the week to attend some pre-race events.  One of those events was a sponsorship cruise.  I met a lot of people that night, a lot of great people.  There is one particular person that not only sticks out in my mind, but I am certain has become a lifelong friend.

Louis Yuhasz.  Remember that name, because he is going to change the face and the epidemic of childhood obesity.  This man has tirelessly worked for 10 years with the non-profit he founded called Louie’s Kids (  There are two others that we work with and also believe in ( , , ) that are definitely worth the mention….we love these organizations, and continue to work with them as well.

Louie’s Kids is different in that it focuses on treatment.  This is a key ingredient in changing the direction that the epidemic is heading.  There is a lot of awareness going on right now, which is great!  Louis has created the Fit Club program which teaches the kids physical fitness and nutrition and also incorporates therapy, to  help them treat the root of the problem.  I was curious about the kids, and the program, and Louis invited me to North Charleston to visit a school one afternoon where Fit Club was being held.

I can’t say enough about the hope that I saw in the students.  It was as if I saw myself in them, and I just wanted to tell them to fix it now, not to wait, and I did.  Through my tears (of course!!) I urged them to take advantage of the changes they are being directed to make now, and not to wait until another prom, college or even their own wedding passes them by.  Some of them cried with me, and ALL of them had a million questions.  They are learning as they go, and I believe that Louie’s Kids is going to change a lot of lives, and reverse the destiny of some of the kids involved who may otherwise be sentenced to a life of being obese, or worse yet, a life cut short because of it.  This is a serious problem, we have got to all be proactive, be accountable and do everything we can to help fix this problem.  It’s huge, literally.

One thing I can promise, along with BeActive and nPlay, you will soon see a lot more of Louie’s Kids’ events on our calendar…starting with the Big Chef, Little Chef event in Charleston this June.  We have to all rise to the occasion and direct today’s youth to the path of a better healthier tomorrow.  We are married to this cause and are so glad to have run across a man who will undoubtedly be a hero to many, and change the face of childhood obesity in the process.

Be a hero!  Dream Big,

Ed & Heba


Not just a taste!

We LOVED our time on the Outer Banks at the 2010 “Taste of the Beach” expo.  It was amazing.  We have many new loves, and a NEW vacation spot.  We can’t wait to get back out there.  During the week, we were greeted so warmly by everyone in the community, and had a chance to try a LOT of new things!

We definitely had our share of delicious seafood and took in some amazing sights.  We were hosted by the Croatan Surf Club…. Definitely check it out for some amazing views and gorgeous condos…we were MORE than comfortable.  We were greeted by the views every morning, and our dog loved the runs on the beach.

During our stay, we were given the opportunity to visit Jockeys Ridge State Park….for some hang gliding with Kitty Hawk Kites ( and it was AMAZING, and the best part?  We survived.  It literally took our breath away that we were gliding above the dunes, and really enjoyed it.  We both landed with our feet on the ground, though Ed nailed it way more than I did.

We also taught two of our “Healthy Living, Healthy Eating” classes at the Outer Banks Brewing Station ( ) and were overwhelmed with the compliments and energy of both crowds.  Keep your eyes peeled, we may be teaching one on your area soon!

No trip this year for us would be complete without a race, right?  Of course we have the 10 in 1o challenge right on our heels everywhere we go, so what better way to keep fit during the vacation than to sign up for the Kelly’s annual 8K? ( )  Our friend John Hudson joined us this year, and he is also on a road to weight loss, and doing great I might add.  He took on the challenge of meeting us on his spring break for this race in particular.  I have to say, I am a proud mentor!  John made it and ran almost the entire way, and yes, I dragged him across the finish line…he is making progress constantly, and I KNOW he will be reaching his goals by the end of this year—GO JOHN!!

We were delighted and honored to judge the expo on the last night.  30 restaurants competed and the food was fantastic.  The best part about judging is that we only had to “taste” and a lot of the foods were healthy, all ere fresh, and a LOT used seafood.  Good thing we earned it by running the race.

In the end, we felt like they were all winners.  The whole community really is a great area, with tons of options for active people- it’s a great family spot, and we can assure you, you will NEVER get bored.  Bottom line is the Nags Head / Kill Devil Hills/ Duck  gets our vote for hospitable, beautiful, comfortable and A+ spot for your next vacation.

We can’t wait until next time….Dream Big- Ed & Heba


More Firsts….Loving the OBX


I think it’s going to be a week of many “firsts”.  Come to think of it, I think that is going to echo throughout our whole year!

We are LOVING the Outer Banks.   We are here for the OBX Taste of the Beach event, where we will be teaching our “Healthy Living, Healthy Eating “ classes, talking about our upcoming cookbook, and meeting and greeting locals and visitors alike all over town.

We had a few days of free time when we arrived, and we managed to so far fill the time with all kinds of fun.  The weather has been amazing, the locals are so welcoming, the food and scenery have been perfect, and we are in love with this place.

For our first OBX workout, we decided to go for a run to the Wright Brothers Memorial, and it was challenging AND windy.  I don’t think I have been there since I went on a field trip in elementary school, but it’s still as awesome as I remember it.  We took some pics from the top, where you can see all of Kill Devil Hills out to the ocean it’s so beautiful.

We have had a chance to try some restaurants while we have been here- Chili Peppers for their bamboo steam pots (a healthy and delicious lunch of steamed fish and veggies), Awful Arthurs (amazing crab cakes!), and just tonight we had an amazing dinner at Kelly’s (I went for the beef, Ed tried the broiled seafood)…let us tell you, we were not disappointed.  We actually rode our new bikes ( to lunch, and it felt great to eat fresh fish, salad and work out on the way, and on the way home!

We have kept it pretty low key in preparation for our big weekend coming up ( but we have signed up for something crazy and fun tomorrow: Hang Gliding- stay tuned for this one- I hope it’s a first I live to write about J

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba


Feels Like The First Time!

Ed & Heba at the Finish Line!Finish Line BannerWhat an awesome feeling!

Feels like the first time….

I am a Half Marathoner.   Five words I never in a million years thought I would ever utter.  Now, a phrase I am proud to announce to anyone who will listen.  Two years ago, a one-mile run would have been nearly impossible.  Two days ago, a half marathon was conquered.

I can’t really sum up the experience the way I had hoped.  I go back over it in my mind, and there are moments that I can visualize with much more clarity than others, but overall, it’s a sense of calm and accomplishment.   If I think about it, I can recall reaching each mile marker – they were the “Carrots” of my journey.  Though most of them unbelievable, they each served as proof that I was kicking the butt of this race!

So much of this journey was mental.  I often thought of the phrase “Fake it til you make it”….was that what I was doing?  All the training paid off, all of the hard work finally seemed to come to fruition.  One of the greatest parts of racing through a new city, was seeing it for the first time on foot.  It passes by much slower than in a car.  Though because it was New Orleans I did have a little moment of pause and thought back to my old life when I jogged past the Café Du Monde while all the tourists and locals alike enjoyed their Beignets.  Jealous? Check!

But all of those feelings of giving up, quitting, being too tired never existed once I saw that finish line.  They washed away and I was overcome with what will perhaps become a new addiction- the finish line high.  Knowing that I left a lot of myself back in those 13.1 miles, and that I once again conquered a first.   I love firsts, I wonder what’s next on my list??

Dream Big!

Duck & Dumpling- Delightful!!

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due…..

You may have noticed a short absence in the blogs, well, now it’s time to get caught up.  And this, will be a first of what I hope to be many “good news” blogs.  This particular post is something that is more Ed’s department, but I felt the need to conquer this one specific, exciting discovery.

For those of you in the triangle area, this will be really exciting, because you are in for a treat!  The Duck & Dumpling has been open for many years, and we tried it before our Biggest Loser days.  While we were impressed, the place had fallen off our radar because of price.  Not to mention, we weren’t too aware of what went into the creations that while delicious, had to be loaded with calories.  Fear not my budget (calorie and otherwise) conscious friends- the Duck & Dumpling is back on our radars, and it should be on yours too!

The new Chef James Yott Boyle has taken over the kitchen from acclaimed Chef David Mao.  He had us at the dumplings.  Now, these aren’t just any dumplings.  They are hand rolled, filled with the freshest ingredients (try the edamame & mushroom for something light and tasty!) and then steamed to perfection.  The best part?  You can share…which means you are getting a taste of something delicious, and not filling up on too much.   We also tried the edamame, which we expected to be the same as any others we have had before, but it is served with a slice of lime, creating a totally new take (in our experience) on the otherwise drowned-in-soy-sauce edamame at other restaurants.  Favorites from around the table were hands down the Ahi Tuna Tacos & the Satika Joe’s (though not calorie friendly, they seemed to be a huge crowd pleaser!).  The main event was the scallops.  I can’t even do them justice with words.  I had just one, and it was the most perfect little (but not so little) scallop that there ever was.

With so many seafood and veggie dishes to choose from, this is definitely a paradise for the conscious eater who wants more than a salad with dressing on the side.  Ed & I have days where we just want to go out, have a great meal, and not feel guilty.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other dishes like the Drunken Noodles (beef, basil & noodles) and Southern Fried Duck that would give you more of a fill, but all of the ingredients are prepared fresh, and it comes through in the flavor.

The environment is perfect for an intimate evening or dinner with a group of friends.  In the mood for a cocktail?  Don’t dare miss the Ginger Infusion.  All in all, Duck and Dumpling hit all the marks with the revamp of its menu.  Affordable? Check.  Healthy options?  Check.  Inviting environment & friendly staff? Check, check.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!!  Want us to try one of your favorites?  Let us know…..

Ed & Heba

Rapid Fitness! New Year. New Gym. New You.

New Year.  New Gym.  New You.

I love a good, fresh start, who doesn’t?  I love new things, the latest gadgets, and I love things that don’t waste my time.  About a month ago, Ed & I learned about a new gym in our area, Rapid Fitness.  Gyms come and go all the time where we live, but something about this gym really stood out.  Not only do they have all the latest “stuff”, but they have an approach to wellness that is client based.

You may be wondering like I was, “Client Based”?  This approach in my opinion is the best.  The gym is set up with the client in mind.  Tons of the best equipment and a major respect for your schedule.  Ed loves to take spin classes, but with our schedule, he doesn’t always have the time.  Solution: Virtual Spinning from Star Trac.  It’s called Espinning.  Can’t make it to your favorite spin class, no problem.  Plug in your information and away you go!  You are taking your own personal spin class all by yourself- try that at your regular gym!  Another personal favorite of mine is the Star Trac treadmills with the ipod inputs.  Each treadmill is outfitted with a TV screen- you can watch cable OR, my personal favorite- you can download episodes of your favorite shows, or movies and watch them right on the screen.  Let me tell you, watching old episodes of The Biggest Loser, while running on the treadmill sure makes the time fly!

For those of you that aren’t impressed with gadgets the same way I am (personally I think that’s crazy!), Rapid Fitness puts a real emphasis on personal training as part of wellness program.  We all know Ed & I put in a lot of work on our own, but without trainers, we wouldn’t have made nearly as much progress.  They have an amazing personal training staff ready to work with you on your level, and you will see quick results.  After a month of training at the gym’s downtown location, I have yet to repeat a workout!  This is something special because the key to not quitting is not getting bored, and the key to not getting bored is going to Rapid Fitness.

Ed will also be joining the personal training staff at the end of February, and he is super excited to pass on what he has learned to you all!  We promise to keep you posted on our Rapid Fitness Adventures…next month look for Boxing & MMA class reviews—I am SURE this will be fun and entertaining as well!

In the meantime, check them out at

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

UNC Gets Fit…Will You?

UNC Gets Fit!

Recently we paid a visit to the beautiful campus of UNC Chapel Hill, for the kick off of the B.A.M (Behavior, Attitude, Motivation) Get Fit in 2010, program.  It was a very cold, rainy day and we worried that most students would use this as a perfect excuse NOT to come out of their warm and dry rooms.   When the students and faculty members began to pour in, we were pleasantly surprised.

We felt so welcomed as we shared our story and answered questions.  What struck us both is that not even two years ago, we stood in their shoes feeling a bit lost as to where we should start on our journey.  They were there to make a change, to do something, and to get control.

We had an opportunity to meet some of the students who were only there to listen, not to participate in the program, and we loved what a positive reaction they had to hearing our story even though most of them hadn’t ever dealt with a weight issue, almost everyone knows someone who had.  When we moved on to the reception for the participants in the weight loss program, we were both touched by all of their stories.  There were faculty, staff and students.  Some married couples, some friends, other just taking a chance at having a support group and so many great resources from the School of Public Health & Exercise Physiology department at UNC.

What was amazing is that no matter the size of the person, they all had the same desire to make positive and healthy changes.  We felt really strong connections with a few of the stories in particular.   We offered encouragement, tips and even made the suggestion that instead of going home for that “one last fattening meal” which we all have had before, that instead, they start that evening!  We even caught a few “red-handed” who were planning one last fast food trip, and because of us, turned that corner.

We originally went for a one time kick-off event, but because of the connections we did feel, we will be stopping in periodically to encourage and support them on their own journeys to health.  We will make some “surprise” appearances to see how they are progressing and to help keep them on track. We can only hope with the sharing of our struggles on the show, and now daily, that we will be a great source of information and encouragement for this group!

This was a special group, and we can already see that they are going to be successful.  After all, they took the first step by signing up.  So, we leave you with this thought:  What will your one step be to positive change this week?

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

10 in 10 Challenge- What’s all that about??

The 10 in 10 Challenge!

Working out is a huge part of our life now.  Some days are easier than others, but the biggest challenge seems to be keeping us challenged, and out of the boredom zone.  Following our positive experience with our first triathlon that Blaine Cotter invited us to along with Tri-California Events, we fell in love with the idea of racing.  We began to brainstorm a creative idea about how we could incorporate our newfound love of racing into a fun year of healthy living.  This is where the idea of “10 in 10” was born!

Lucky for us, the year 2010 was around the corner and there were about 5 running races and 5 triathlons that we were interested in participating in.  But as any of you triathletes know, the gear makes a huge difference.  We were extremely lucky to get two wonderful sponsors to get us through this challenge!  Performance Bikes was founded in Chapel Hill, NC (Heba’s hometown) and is now the nation’s largest bike retailer (  We love the idea of staying local as much as we can and bringing awareness to fitness, good people, and great companies all at the same time!  When we visited to Performance store in Chapel Hill, we were greeted with open arms and learned all about which bikes would be best for us, and then they outfitted us with all the “bells and whistles”.  It is going to take Heba a little longer to fall in love with the idea of the cycling pant, but she will come around!

When it came to the running races, we also wanted to stay true to the local area.  There are running shoes sold at so many retail stores, how would we find the right fit for our needs?  Enter Raleigh Running Outfitters! ( With their Video Gait Analysis, you can’t go wrong when being fitted for shoes there.  They even encourage you to take a quick run outside the store to see if in fact the shoes are the best fit for you- talk about customized shopping!  We love the staff, and they were so patient with us as we tried on dozens of different running shoes.  We were surprised to learn we weren’t in the correct size, and now feel so much better in our new shoes.

We are all geared up, looking and feeling great, now we have to decide on which races we are going to complete.  Naturally, we want to do as many races as we can in our home area, but we also wanted to travel a little and spread our message of wellness as far as we could.  The point of all of these races is not to finish in record times, but simply to finish.  Just to show that anyone can accomplish a race, a walk, a triathlon.  Races are such great goals to set for yourself when you are looking for a way to get started on a fitness plan.  This is going to be a fun year for us, and we hope that many of you join us if we are racing in your area.  We would love for you to share your stories as well- your stories inspire us, as we hope to inspire you!  And you never know, some of your favorite Biggest Losers may make guest appearances alongside us, so be watching……

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

The List of Races can be found on our “Press” page- come on out and join us!!

Ready to Ride!

In order for us to be as prepared as possible to tackle our 5 triathlons as part of our 10 in ’10 goal, we were going to need some killer bikes!  Who would we turn to?  None other than the fabulous (and LOCAL based) Performance Bikes in Chapel Hill, NC.  Chapel Hill just so happens to be where Heba was born and raised, so we were stoked to be able to represent a leader in the biking business that was true to our local roots.  But buying a bike wasn’t as simple as it was when we were little kids and all that mattered was the tassel handles or the correct shade of purple.  Buying the proper bike is much, much more.

The experts at Performance have it down to a science, and they run like a well oiled…!  They have an entire wall of every kind of bike you can imagine and will first find out where and how you are going to be riding your new bike.  We never even thought of the fact that we would need something in the “road bike” category vs a mountain bike, which was the old standard back in the days of riding bikes on the weekends.  They also have bikes in all of the price ranges, so no matter your budget, they can get you fitted.  Heba had a personal liking to the powder blue beach cruisers, but we’ll have to come back for one of those another time.

Once we made our selection we went over to the fitting station and when we tell you it doesn’t get more custom than that, we mean it.  Our bikes were custom fitted to our heights, bodies and riding styles, we added a few bells and whistles like the aero bar handles, which make it so much more comfortable when riding in triathlons and we were set to ride!

We have months of training ahead of us before the triathlon season,, but we are geared up and ready!  If you are in the market for a bike, and want and educational, non-intimidating experience, then make sure you check them out in store, or online after all they are the nation’s leading online bike retailer as well….and thanks to them, our 2010 is going to be a great ride!

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

Back in the Saddle!!!

Back in the Saddle

Ok, so you tried really hard to take into account some of our holiday tips, but instead you found yourself tipping….the scales.  Not to worry, that’s what resolutions and new starts are for!!

Heba’s often replayed quote from the Biggest Loser:  “Today is Tomorrow”, has some real ring to it right about now.  So you are frustrated that you gained a few pounds over the holidays, now is a great time to reverse it.  Instead of focusing on the things you may have not done perfectly over the holidays, focus on the things you can change today.  Make a plan, a reasonable plan, for your 2010.

Each day is a choice.  You have to choose what meals to eat, whether or not you are going to the gym, where you fit everything into your day.  No one is perfect, and some days we struggle with all of these.  If anyone thinks that going to the gym or working out daily or making consistently great food choices, is easy, you are wrong.  At least, it’s not easy for us.  It takes a lot of work, planning and even more will power to turn down all the fun and yummy things that come our way.  Part of realizing that this is a lifestyle not a diet, was a huge turning point in our lives.  We started countless numbers of diets, countless times.  And yes, we mean countless because when we try to retrace our failures over the years, we often find ourselves getting lost in the counting!  Don’t do this to yourself.  Set yourself up for success, don’t set yourself up for failure, because while our failures are what make us grow, they are also the things that can hold us back in time of complete frustration.

Set small goals, and celebrate small accomplishments.  Changing how you celebrate is one of the first things we really adopted into our new lifestyle.  No more food celebrations, break the cycle.  Try treating yourself to something you love other than food- a new book, a spa treatment, a new pair of running shoes.  These small changes make you feel rewarded in a new, fun way and it really becomes exciting to earn a new treat for yourself, it’s rewarding all around.

So this week, decide what your first small change will be, and when (not if) you succeed, how will you reward yourself?  Go for it!

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

PS- Stay tuned for details and schedule of our ‘10 in ‘10′ Challenge we have set for ourselves & create one for yourself!

Avoiding the “Holiday Bulge”

This Blog seemed perfect to post for this morning- though I am sure a lot of you could have used this over the weekend!  Not to worry, at least you have it going into the rest of the festivities.  Merry Christmas to everyone, and to all you Season 4 and 6 Biggest Losers, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 and 2 year anniversaries!!

Avoiding the Holiday Bulge…..

We get asked all the time how to survive the holidays.  There isn’t a magic formula that can save you.  But there are a few tips we love to live by.  This is the time of year people love to “let it all go” and then renew their commitment to health and fitness when the first of the year hits.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start the year in great shape for once?  We did it for the first time last year following our finale, and it felt GREAT!  These are our “Top Tips for staying in Top Shape” over this holiday season:

*Eat before you head to the holiday party circuit. Our favorite is to munch on some air-popped popcorn because it’s very low in calories but fills you right up.

*Choose your “poison”. We either choose to drink alcohol or indulge in some higher calorie foods at each party.  Alcohol does slow down your metabolism, so if you can keep the higher cal foods away if you are drinking alcohol, you will be a little ahead of the game!

*Wear your tight fitting jeans! This is mostly for the ladies.  I know a few BLs that live and die by this rule, especially during the holidays.  They will look great, and you will know if you have eaten too much a lot faster than if you are wearing sweats or a loose pair of pants.

*Kick up your workouts.  This is a great time to commit to a Resolution Run in your area, and have something set-up for the first of the year.  We always try to do a big workout either the morning of a big party, or have it planned for the following day.  This helps us keep on track and go to bed early, or earn being out later that night.

*BYOD.  Bring your own healthy contribution to a party.  This way, if hunger strikes, you know the calorie count of at least one item on the table!

Even just sticking to a few of these tips could really make a difference on how you come out of the holiday season this year.  Healthy Holidays to All, and to All a Good Night!

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

My Heroes Motivate Me!

Wow, do you ever have those days where you just feel totally unmotivated?  Believe it or not, we do too.  Today I woke up & couldn’t for the life of me decide on a workout that I wanted to do….I am not one of those people who hit the genetic lottery & can skip days at the gym- sigh.  I decided to be the master of time suckage & repeatedly organize the same stacks of magazines & mail.  Ok, at this point I realized, “you have got to get moving”.

Oops, all of a sudden I ended up on facebook- big mistake.  I mean, how much time can someone spend on facebook?  It’s more addicting than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  Luckily, I have many former BL contestants as friends on facebook, and I happened to stumble across Bernie’s page.  Bernie is a great example of turning your life around, and I am honored to have followed in his footsteps as the $100K winner!  This particular day, Bernie had actually run another marathon & I realized that if he was out there doing that, what was I doing sitting at my computer- I can’t inspire a nation while sitting on my rear.  And Bernie’s not the only one!  Matt Hoover completed the Ironman at Kona this year- what??  I mean, for any one of us to think this was possible before our BL journeys was way out of our minds.

So, after realizing that the time was tickin’ & my fellow BLers were out there moving, I realized that this was not a day for excuses.  I picked myself up, & I went to the gym.  This particular day the first break of sweat felt especially good because I knew it took a little something extra for me to get there.  This was a day when I ‘left it all in the gym’- a phrase Bob often spoke to us on the BL Ranch.  Meaning, I gave it my all, without a doubt, & with no regrets.  But I did it because those who came before me continue to show an example of health & it makes  me want to be better.

So, my hat’s off to all of you, who continue to better yourselves & motivate others….keep up the good work, people are watching!

Dream Big!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Ed & Heba Blog! We are so excited to finally bring you up to speed on what we have been doing since reaching our goals on The Biggest Loser. What a year it has been! The biggest success is that we are STILL succeeding in our weight loss & fitness goals, and that we hope to bring some of that success & enthusiasm to you.

This blog will provide you with an honest look at our lives today, because let’s face it, everyday is a choice & everyday is a struggle – physically & emotionally. We are no different than those of you who still have 100 lbs or 20 lbs to lose because every day is a choice, every choice we make will decide how successful we continue to be.

We hope to spread our new-found enthusiasm of running & triathlon racing with all of you and make you all realize that no matter your fitness level, you too can become a triathlete or marathoner- we know! We became triathletes alongside 12 other Biggest Loser Alums this summer- more to come on that!

So come along as we bring you into our upcoming adventures & exciting news, we would love to help you realize your dreams as we have by finding the courage to give ourselves the best life we can.

Dream Big,

Ed & Heba

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